January 18, 2012

The Printed Pant: Tip #1

I'm starting to have an obsession with printed pants. Not only do they add more variety into my everyday outfit routine, but they also create a whole new wardrobe for me to grow: my pants collection. We all have tons of shirts, and yes, tons of jeans, and maybe a couple of "trousers", but still, I've always had way more tops than bottoms. But now I have an excuse to expand my closet even more, muahahaha. Just as I was beginning to lose hope in my wardrobe, I now know I will never get bored.

So, here's your first tip on how to wear these babies. Try sticking to one main color. Here's my trick - choose a pair of pants that speaks to you, squint your eyes at them, and ask yourself this: if you had to choose one color to describe them, what would it be? When I squint my eyes at these badass ASOS alphabet printed jeans (yes, that's the alphabet, even cooler than alphabet soup), I would say they're navy. So...hence the navy top. Use your shoes to bring out a secondary color from the pants - I chose dark red. This is an easy way to start styling your printed pants, and don't worry, more tips are on the way...

Now get shopping:

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